An experienced led design for digital transformation


An experienced led design for digital transformation


An experienced led design for digital transformation



Digital Banking Platform

Baimaas Smart Banking is an ultra-contemporary platform, that empowers banks to rapidly maximize the value of their customer.

Venture Platform

We help high potential start ups in a market which has compelling value proposition to serve end-users and to capture market share.


Compelling business proposal for clients to replace their software support cost with a Managed Services Agreement.

Digital Transformation

We support our clients during this transformational phase by creating the strategy that is unique to deliver value to customers.


We provide excellent skilled human resources and monitor their performance continuously to meet ever-growing demands.

The Global Pandemic Impact

COVID-19 – New normal warrants enterprises accelerate digital channel offerings to their customer to improve efficiency and optimize cost.

Start-ups in the market with innovative product offerings seek investment for expansion. Niche competencies like machine learning, full stack developer demands in the market.

Customers expect their business to grow as per plan irrespective of disasters. Our innovations and technology experts understand these challenges and provide long term sustainable solution.


CODA Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd (CODASOL), is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 22301:2012 certified company and an emerging provider of IT and Engineering services to small, medium and large enterprises. The company was founded in 2011, and now has a global footprint extending its support to enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. Since its inception in 2011, the company has been providing cutting edge solutions to companies across the globe across various industries such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil, Cement, Paper and other allied engineering verticals. CODASOL’s micro-vertical strategy is built on strong domain expertise with simple and clear operational governance model designed to facilitate innovation and growth.

We are a data company built to solve complex problems and challenges around business functions that handle voluminous operational data. We essentially assist users to turn messages and data created by both machines and humans into smart decisions. Our platform is currently used by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), social enterprises, and mid-market companies across BFSI, retail, and healthcare verticals.

CAt One Dgtal we provide experiences that delight your customers, and we provide them seamlessly across channels – on websites, mobile and in virtual and augmented reality. At One Dgtal, we fly the Digital flag high as Digital is not just in our name but its in our DNA..

MyCall™ - Flagship Product An automatic Accident detection and emergency response providing system that is developed to address the passive safety needs in automotive space. Detects an Accident to the Car on its own and calls out the Emergency Response in Golden Hour. Solution built using sophisticated algorithms and Sensors. Supported by agreements with Emergency Response Service providers. Compatible with eCall regulation of European Union.


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