Giggso brings consolidation of information across multiple platforms to help support and sales teams with easy access using BOTS, UI, API and analytics dashboards with a simple service model.
With a tightly integrated Enterprise Search, actionable insights such as workflow management, custom KPI dashboards, Giggso makes triage management and operations very simple and adding on, the on-prem/private cloud delivery gives us a huge unfair advantage over any competition.


Giggso works by collecting / ingesting data from multiple sources, it analyse and process data to determine context, engages and provide insights (predictive & prescriptive analytics) and link context to outcomes. It take action. remediation workflows for both non assisted and assisted pathways.
It enable's their client’s business transformation into a data driven organization with lower cost.
Giggso can integrates existing systems / tools such as Slack to CRM or custom apps and system logs to bring Ops efficiency.
Motivated employees are the best Marketing Ambassadors of any organization.
Giggso is deployed via SaaS or customized for the enterprise with their business and security needs.
  • Giggso is unique and first mover in the IT
  • Ops space combining the power of AI with collaborative knowledge sharing.
  • Problem avoidance.
  • Automated problem resolution.
  • Reduce number of incidents.
  • More automated (non assisted ) and IT guided Self Healing.