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MyCall™ - Flagship Product An automatic Accident detection and emergency response providing system that is developed to address the passive safety needs in automotive space. Detects an Accident to the Car on its own and calls out the Emergency Response in Golden Hour. Solution built using sophisticated algorithms and Sensors. Supported by agreements with Emergency Response Service providers. Compatible with eCall regulation of European Union. .


Other features:

  • GPS Tracking – Live & Historic
  • 24 X 7 Emergency Support Center (ESC)
  • Geo-fencing & Overspeeding alerts
  • Anti-Theft Remote Immobilization
  • Panic Button Assistance
  • Servicing Garage Assistance
For MyCall™ Functional details ➔ Appendix 1. Our products deliver ‘Anytime Anywhere’ support Other Products of K-Circle ➔ Appendix 3

Other Products

  • Regulatory Product (MoRTH Notification – 817)
  • GPRS + Panic button
  • AIS 140 compatible
  • Police can assign the incident to Patrol teams
  • Police can Talk to the victim remotely
  • Police can SHOUT (Siren) to get attention
  • Immobilize the vehicle Combo of Device; and Web + Mobile Apps
  • AutoTracker ™ – a GPS Tracker,
  • AutoCall ™ – a Dent Alerting product
  • Fleet Management S/W
  • Facilitates Fuel efficiency
  • Points of Interest
  • Geo-fencing
  • Various Alerts
  • Driving behaviour Analysis
  • Billing Management