A Venture with A Difference

The aim of smart venture is to help high potential start ups in a market which has compelling value proposition to serve end consumers and having the ability to capture market share.

Our highly qualified research team has robust process to qualify the start ups scoring against various parameters defined, to name few geography, market potential, start up leadership & startegy, longitivity etc...


1. Baimaas Venture

We have high performing engineering team covering various modern technologies. Hence the utilization of human capital (knowledge asset) will be leveraged as an alternate for cash venturing.

Based on start up investment ask, services to offer post product road map delivery, the nature of venturing will be qualified (by Baimaas group enterprise architect team). We will ensure the investment effort via human capital which will help enable to accelerate the product road map delivery. Baimaas and qualified start up partner will mutually agree that equity percentage.

2. Partner Venture

We opt partner venture if the investment ask from start up exceed the threshold criteria. We will help start up in shaping up the investment proposal for the investor.

On successful venturing sign off by investor, Baimaas service offering will be same (consistent) as Baimaas venture model.


We believe in true partnership with qualified start ups. hence post venture sign off, baimaas will have close assocation with start up partner like co-create, giving guidance and coaching for qualified start ups investment proposal ask.

Salient Features Of Our Differentiated Value Proposition

  1. We help the start up to leverage sales eco system for generating oppurtunities and leads.
  2. Generated leads will be nurtured, shaped by baimaas pre sales and consulting teams.
  3. We will be deploying a SPOC in start up partner ecosystem from where Baimaas conveying the message to the start up partner and the market "Skin In The Game".
  4. We act as a channel partner for the geos where start up operations are not intiated.
  5. Baimaas wont have any reservations to genrate, nurture, shape and closure of opppurtunities.

Channel Partner

Baimaas will represent start up partner services and products where partner does not have operations and partner value proposition has demand in the market. If any oppurtunity and leads generated in partner geo, we will play secondary role by providing the required support. However, if partner request to front end opputunity, we will accomodate the request.


Our business model is based on market condition, investment ask and stability of the start up.